About Cape Vulture EnvironmentalAssociation

About Cape Vulture Environmental Association-Otse Manyelanong 

Cape Vultures Environmental Association (CVEA) is a youth organization in Otse, in which Mannyelanong Hill/Game Reserve (one of the only two sites where the Cape Vulture/ Gyps coprotheres breed and roost in Botswana) is found. The organization has been in existence since 2003, and in 2004 it affiliated with the Association of Environmental Clubs of Botswana-AECB (a national environmental club body run by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks), in order to change from being just a local organization to being an organization that could be known easily to the rest of the nation and other environmental organizations.

Cape Vultures Environmental Association is the only organization in Southeast District that carries out monitoring of the Cape Vulture at Mannyelanong Game Reserve. Results of which are forwarded to BirdLife Botswana, which is the only organization in the country carrying out research and monitoring of the birds. Information about Cape Vultures Environmental Association can also be accessed on BirdLife Botswana website www.birdlifebotswana.org.bw.

CVEA has been working with BirdLife Botswana to conserve and promote Cape Vultures and the wider environment in Otse since the association’s formation. This partnership has enabled the association to have a voice as well as access resources (financial, materials and technical) to strengthen the capacity of the association. Furthermore, the association has a well-computerized office at the Otse youth center and most of the equipment were donated by BirdLife Botswana. The organization has also assisted the association to open a post box and provided the marketing materials (e.g. brochures and sign board).


CVEA exist to conserve nature, cape vultures and the environment while keeping the delicate balance of nature


To become a leading Cape Vulture and environment conservation organization offering a wide range of solutions, ideas with excellent conflict free sustainable use of natural resources.




Benjamin Noga


Gomotsang Kgaswane

Deputy chairperson

Neo Isaacs


Bob Montsheng

Vice secretary

Kefiloe Kgaswane


Rodney Baraang

Public Relations Officer

Thero Ntshonono

Additional Member

Thabiso Sedumedi

Additional Member

Gopolang Bolebano

Additional Member

Patron: The organization does not have a patron at the moment but currently searching for the candidate

Others: Other stakeholders forming part of the committee or management include: Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Otse Office), Village Development Committee (VDC South and North), Councilors and Village Authorities.

Birdlife Botswana is working as mentors for the organization


  • Develop and promote a better understanding of the need and importance of all natural resources for the benefit of people of Otse and humanity in general

  • To conserve nature and promote environmental awareness

  • Create awareness, appreciation of and so spread knowledge and promote interest in the ecological, economics, aesthesis and cultural values of Botswana’s unique environmental heritage

  • Strive to work hand in hand with organizations or bodies whose objectives are similar to the Association


  • Commitment

  • Teamwork

  • Creativity

  • Discipline

  • Volunteerism