Article on migratory birds

Botswana’s migratory bird species are doing well

according to a report written by Keddy Moleofi and Simon Wotton  done in 2018 migratory birds have no borders and so they are faced with various challenges caused by development in countries they use as migrating routes. The report states that two thousand species of birds, 20% of all known species, make regular seasonal movements. Many travel thousands of miles between their breeding and non-breeding places and they are being hit hard when they are most vulnerable. After very long journeys they face countless dangers. These may include the destruction and degradation of natural habitats, the loss of critical stopover sites such as coastal wetlands, illegal killing, poisoning, pollution, and collisions with badly-sited infrastructure such as power lines and wind turbines. The sectors that affect migratory birds the most have been identified as those of agriculture, energy, hunting, climate change, tourism and waste management.


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