Bird Population Monitoring November Count 2010

In November 2010 volunteers throughout Botswana counted birds near their area through a Bird Population Monitoring Programme (BPM) run by BirdLife Botswana in conjunction with the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP). The BPM programme is part of the global effort to monitor birds around the world.                                                                                                                                                                              

The programme runs twice annually in February and November and offers exciting birding opportunities in both highly populated and remote areas. The method for BPM in Botswana is a point count technique and participants counted birds on a 2 km route. The results from the November 2010 count were encouraging with a total of 122 transects undertaken by 152 participants. A total of 14056 birds and 298 species were counted by participants. BirdLife Botswana was greatly encouraged by the enthusiasm of volunteers and the coverage of areas in Botswana. Especially noteworthy was the participation by the DWNP staff. 

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