Birder Friendly Establishment

When you have your community based birding tourism business up and running, it is advisable to diversify the enterprise through provision of birder-friendly accommodation facilities for the convenience of your tourists. 

Birder-friendly establishments are operations that offer flexible  meal times for birders; provide local birding information (including bird checklists), avail local bird guide contact details when required; offer advice on where to go for top-class birding experiences and provide any other information required for a good birding experience. Once an accommodation facility has been erected near your birding route, it can be registered as Birder friendly establishment. There is also an option of signing up people to become regular members of the facility by charging an annual fee which entitles users to certain discounts and preferential treatment.

 Birder-friendly facilities should also ensure that energy saving devices are installed and used, water conservation practiced, and where possible recycling techniques should be applied. 

The requirements for membership approval as a Birder-friendly facility include commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism practice that concomitantly promote environmental, social and economic principles. Contact BirdLife Botswana for registration as a Birder-friendly Establishment.