Cape Vultures Environmental Association


Who we are ?

Cape Vultures Environmental Association (CVEA) is a youth organization in Otse, in which Mannyelanong Hill/Game Reserve (one of the only two sites where the Cape Vulture/ Gyps coprotheres breed and roost in Botswana) is found. The organization has been in existence since 2003, and in 2004 it affiliated with the Association of Environmental Clubs of Botswana-AECB (a national environmental club body run by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks), in order to change from being just a local organization to being an organization that could be known easily to the rest of the nation and other environmental organizations. Read more


  • Awareness
  • Vulture Monitoring
  • Promotion of Culture and Tourism
  • Employment creation
  • Environment conservation, Read more.

Finding the youth to volunteer for conservation of the natural environment is the main challenge because they are young and looking for earning sustainable income. At times projects are left unfinished because of the temporary employment they find

Getting the community to realize the importance of the environment is one of the major challenges the association come across. This is because some community members are more into individual benefits than community or environmental gain

While it is us the youth who has plenty ideas for development and changes, presenting the ideas to the community elders, it is always a problem because elderly people are hard to understand new things. This makes it difficult for the young generation as they end up losing interest in working voluntarily for the community development.

Lack of income generation projects within the association is a challenge. This leads us relying more on donor funds, which are unreliable. It is also a big blow to the association because it does not attract young and innovative people of Otse, which lives the association with few individuals. This also leads to too much usage of personal money and most of the association activities are not carried out at all.

Contact us:

Cape Vultures Environmental Club

P O Box 20

Otse, Botswana Tel: + 267 5337721


Location/Offices: Otse Youth Center

Facebook: Cape Vultures Environmental Association