On the way from Lobatse to the capital city Gaborone, there is a place of exceptional beauty - a small, humble but breathtaking village that appears between the hills. The hills are known for their living history and great importance as a nesting place for the globally threatened Cape Vulture, and on their cliffs is a distinct white patch, which is actually the accumulation of centuries of bird droppings. The books call the village Otse, but the villagers and historians call it Letsekele. The name comes from the tributaries of rivers that passed (tsekela) through the village to the southeast where they met a bigger river. In this village there is an environmental club called the Cape Vulture Environmental Club (CVEC). The CVEC is a youth group from Otse, which got its name from the Cape Vultures found nesting on Mannyelanong Hill.


  • To conserve nature and promote tourism.
  • To promote Art and Culture
  • To be a one-stop information kiosk for the Otse/ Mannyelanong area
  • To create meaningful employment for club members


CVEC is committed to conserve the environmental features of
Otse and surrounding areas, keeping the delicate balance of nature.


The Cape Vulture Environmental Club is a youth group from Otse Village. It is run and managed by an Executive Committee of nine members elected annually, and has a membership of over 30 people, predominantly the unemployed youth of Otse. The club meets once a fortnight, on Saturdays.


Otse youth and adults with a common aim and interest in touring the national parks and game reserves of Botswana met together and decided to form a conservation club. They chose to use the pride of Otse, the Cape Vultures at Mannyelanong, as their focus. The club was formed in 2003, and in 2004 was registered with the Association of Wildlife Clubs of Botswana, a national association of environmental clubs run by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks. The CVEC exists to conserve and ensure that the magnificent features in Otse do not disappear, “keeping the delicate balance of nature”.

Since the club’s formation, members have been working hand-in-hand with BirdLife Botswana, with funding from the

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Swedish Biodiversity Foundation, to conserve and promote Cape Vultures and the wider environment in Otse. This partnership has enabled the club to have a ‘voice’ as well as access to resources (financial, material and technical). The club did not originally have an office of its own, and used the Otse Youth Center for meetings and Otse Department of Wildlife and National Parks’ offices for collection of mail, faxes, phone calls etc. Through the Club’s collaboration with BirdLife Botswana, it has opened a new office, with some furniture and equipment, located at the Otse Youth Center.



Alfred N Ntshonono, Chairman, 72624752
Ikakanyeng Nyambe, Vice Chairman, 727265262
Gaelebale Noga, Secretary, 71920048
Khumo Segano, Assistant Secretary, 71406892
Cliff Montsheng, Treasurer, 72783103
Benjamin Noga, Publicity Relation Officer, 72724214

Additional Members
Lindy Noga           Lesego Madube         Leboko Moalosi


The Club does not have its own phone and postal address at present.
Physical Address: Office located at Otse Youth Center near Community Hall.





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