Crane Fund

Hoisting Solutions and Ian Nuttall-Smith are BirdLife Botswana’s biggest financial supporters, for which we are extremely grateful.They have established The Crane Fund to promote the support of this special family of birds, namely Wattled, Grey Crowned and Blue Cranes.These three species are breath-takingly beautiful and graceful, and at the same time are listed globally as vulnerable.

The Crane Fund has been set up to monitor their numbers and research these three species as well as create an awareness among the public of the difficulties faced by them in the human-wildlife conflict.More Wattled Cranes are found in Botswana than anywhere else in the world, so it is incumbent on us to do whatever we can to protect our heritage.

In order to generate the capital required, Hoisting Solutions  allocate a percentage of their hourly earnings to the Crane Fund.Simultaneously they try to encourage the users of their industrial cranes to match their contributions.  Hoisting Solutions are a wholly owned Botswana company with a growing fleet of mobile cranes.   It is in the birds’ interest and that of BirdLife Botswana that Hoisting Solutions cranes be used to maximum capacity.
Our sincere thanks go to Hoisting Solutions for this much needed initiative.

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