Environmental Education Wrap up for Schools

First I take leaners through what the Environment is and explain all what the environment consists of. As part of what the environment consists of, we discuss components like animals, birds,trees, insects and other resources that makes up the environment. After all those lessons we then go to the Game Reserve for the leaners to relate what they have been learning in class and link with what is happening in the real protected environmental set up.

Kids gets so excited when they get to the Game Reserve as they are able to point out animals and birds and challenge each other in naming them. They also get excited while learning how all components of the environment supports and link to each other. From the rain to the rivers, to plants flowers and animals, birds. They are able to relate this and realise how important are they to the environment and survival of species. Kids will then have their lunch and snacks before getting back to their school. This proved to be so rewarding in our effort to get school kids close to nature and maximise their interest in nature conservation and also the love for birding and their significance to the environment.

In class we try to make it interesting by not focusing mainly in the theory part as it might bore the students, we do frequent bird walks around the schools, spotting birds and identify them. I have pictures from old Birdlife calendars that usually have bird pictures. I cut them out and distribute them to students so they learn about different birds and their names, during the EE class each kid is called by the bird name they have in the picture. This helps them in practising and identifying birds.


As for Universities and Senior school students, I prepare presentation on a certain environmental topic and share with them. Lately I have been presenting about World Migratory Bird Day which posed to be so interesting to students and got them so close and eager to Birding. Students are so fantasised about how birds can travel long distances in a magical way and back. And this has helped us in drawing a lot of memberships from schools. Vulture awareness as one of the topics I also present about to Universities, has also made such a great impact how students have been viewing vultures. It made them understand their importance to the ecosystem and the environment in general.