Membership update

Dear BLB Members - past, present and hopefully new,

Albeit a bit late but we do wish all birders a healthy and fruitful birding year in 2021.

Thank you to those that have already submitted and paid for their subscriptions for 2021.

For those still to do so, please assist us by completing the attached latest BirdLife Botswana Membership Form and submitting together with your payment to Dikabelo on

EFT payments are preferred. Please add your name as a reference to your payment.

Regarding the membership form, there is a bit more information required than previously such as ID/Passport details. Please do add this information as we require it when submitting our returns to the Registrar of Societies.

In an effort to increase our membership numbers and the all important income from it, can I ask that, besides renewing your own membership, all of you:

  • Forward the Membership Form to any prospective member;

  • Consider making the move from Standard Membership to Life Membership;

  • Where applicable, request your workplace to renew / take on Corporate Membership;

  • We acknowledge the devastating effect that the COVID restrictions have had on a number of sectors in the country, not least the tourism sector. However, where possible, we do ask that Professional Guide Membership be renewed and as and when conditions improve, new guides be added to our membership numbers.