Natural Resources found in Nqwaa Khobee Trust

The following Vegetation types are found in Kgalagadi District 1(KD1)

Vegatation Type

Access roads to Nearby Campsites and Pans

Campsite and Pan

Acacia erioloba-leuderitzii grassland

To utshwa, Ncojane and Hunhukwe

Ngwatle Campsite

 Acacia erioloba-leuderitzii open shrubland

To  Ncojane, Zutshwa

Poswane Campsite/Small Poswane and Masetlheng Campsite

 Acacia erioloba-leuderitzii open woodland to shrubland

 To Hunhukwe,Ncojane and Monong 

 Ncaang and Ntshu Campsite

 Acacia erioloba-leuderitzii open woodland

 To Ncojane,Hunhukwe and Zutshwa

Kang Campsite and Jokwa Campsite

 Acacia erioloba-leuderitzii woodland

 Hunhukwe, Ncojane

Ukwi Campsite

For bird species found in Nqwaaa Khobee Xeya Conservation Trust please visit the world bird database here  for more information about bird species found in the Kgalagadi District area.