Next Bird Walk message by Harold

Dear BLB member,

The next walk will take place on Sunday 6th September.  We meet at Molapo Crossing car park for a prompt departure at 07:30.   We will be going to Ramotswa grasslands where we hope to see, among others, a Short-clawed Lark.  Botswana boasts six hundred different species and this bird is the closest we have to a purely endemic species, i.e. one found exclusively in Botswana and in no other country.   It is estimated that about 95% of the world’s population of Short-clawed Larks occur in Botswana.  So here’s hoping we will be successful.  Please don’t forget to collect your Babbler at the walk.  Enjoy your last lie-in on a first Sunday of the month this year, as from next month we meet at 06:30.

For the first time since BLB was established, no Yellow-billed Kites have been seen in August in Gaborone and environs.  Amazing!  One wonders whether our collective eyesight is failing, or we have become less observant or the birds knew it was going to be a cold month and they decided to wait where they were a little longer.  If you do see one, please give Dikabelo a call at 3190540 and register your sighting so that you may be awarded the annual mythical YBK-spotter trophy.

Now we have a small problem.   By law we are limited to fifty people in a gathering.  So if you suffer from FOMO, you need to arrive early at Molapo Crossing as we will be using LIFO principle to decide who needs to be left behind if more than fifty pitch up.  I presume you all know what FOMO and LIFO means.  On a personal note, sadly Geraldine and I won’t be able to join you as we have to rough it in the north looking for African Skimmers, Slaty Egrets and Wattled Cranes.  Chris Brewster and Ian White will be leading the group on Sunday.

Keep those eyes peeled.