Next Camp

Dear BLB member,
It is now cast in stone; the next camp will take place at Darnaway Farm on the Limpopo River from 17 to 19 February.  This is a camp not to be missed as we have been there many times and have had many adventures.  It is a beautiful site under large Ana trees (Faidherbia Albida), with a shower and flush toilet, overlooking the river.  It is entirely suitable for soft-core campers.  We will have to make a nominal payment, to be advised, for these facilities.  You should bring your own drinking water or take a chance on water from the river.  It is about a two and a half hour drive to the farm on tar, then another half hour on dirt to the campsite.  You will need a four-wheel drive vehicle to negotiate soft sand.  Obviously you need to bring your own tent, camping equipment, food, drinks and binoculars.
On occasion we have followed a honeyguide which has led us to honey, on another we saw a Pels Fishing Owl and chick.  Some of you may have read stories by Rudyard Kipling, writing about the “great, green, greasy Limpopo” and “How the elephant got his trunk” and “How the leopard got his spots.”    Possibly Rudyard was on one of our first camps to the Limpopo in 1902 when he wrote those stories!!   I think I remember him.
We will probably leave at 14:00 on Friday afternoon the 17th from Sebele car park, but this will be confirmed.    In the meantime all those interested are to advise Ian White or me accordingly.  We have invited several young, old-time former members of BLB, who no longer live in Botswana, to join us on a nostalgic camp to Darnaway.  It may be a little too far for those who live in the UK and USA to come for the weekend, but you never know.
See you there,
7224 8324