BPM Participant

Dear BPM Programme Participant

Happy new year! May I take this time again to welcome you into 2019 by reminding you to undertake the February 2019 bird count in a week time. However, we have received the November 2018 data and I will compile together with the 2019 data to give you a report of what you are seeing after the February 2019 count.

You have accumulated bird dataset for 7years now and well-done to yourself for being loyal to the Programme. It is noted that the last 4years of the 7 years have experienced an uneven climate, in some years there were extreme heat waves and in some years it was wetter during both counting periods, but the November 2018 has been the worst of all counts because it had extreme heat waves and was very dry with little or no rainfall in  some areas. The quick observation from the submitted November counts shows that 70% of the counters have recorded low bird species number compared to other periods and many migrants arrived very late. The common migrants like Cuckoos and Red-backed Shrikes were mostly missing in many records. Statistics from the Department of Meteorological Services shows that the extreme heat wave with temperatures climbing above 40 Degrees Celsius which hit the country recently has broken several maximum temperature records.

Thus let us kindly continue to collect the bird data and  we also kindly request that you update me with your set visit date to do the February 2019 count. If you still have your November 2018 bird data with you kindly submit as you respond to this email because we are entering it into the electronic system.

Anyone can take part in the monitoring from beginning bird watchers to experts, and you can participate from your farm, field, village outskirt, or anywhere in the country convenient for you. Please join the count in February 2019 by contacting Mrs Keddy Moleofi at education@birdlifebotswana.org.bw or 3190540/1. After a while you’ll have a good idea of how many birds are present at your local birding sites with just a quick glance.

Enjoy your birding