BirdLasser Mobile App for Bird Sightings

Join the BirdLasser mobile app to share your bird observations with friends via social media, messages, emails and contribute to conservation.

BirdLife Botswana have set up three areas for Challenges in Botswana for 2019, namely Gaborone, Chobe and the Okavango Delta. They are all listed on website together with other challenges in Southern Africa. The challenges are free and are open to any birder, be they bird guide, local or foreign tourist, amateur or professional birder, or somebody interested in keeping track of where and when he or she saw different species.

All anyone has to do, is download the free BirdLasser programme on his or her Smartphone and join whichever challenge is suitable for them by clicking on “join” to register on the above website.  We would like to have as many birders as possible entering these challenges as a way of generating interest in birds and birding.  Obviously it is possible to be entered on all three challenges. The system will automatically download your sightings from your phone onto the above website whenever you are in a Wi-Fi zone. Maps of the areas covered by each challenge are shown on the individual websites. So, for example, Lake Ngami and Khwai Conservancy are included in Okavango, while Savuti is included in Chobe.

BirdLasser on its own is a very useful tool in helping the birder to record exactly where and when he or she identified different species.  So, say for instance one is going to visit Savuti: Enter the name “Savuti” on your BirdLasser system and then, when you identify a species, tap on Savuti and “log” will appear. Then type in four successive letters of the species seen and select from all the species presented by the system.  Bingo! Then the Chobe Challenge will take over, and provided you are within the radius, your sightings will automatically be recorded on the Chobe Challenge.

Some of you may have ideas as to how we can operate this system better.  Let us know what they are and we may well modify the challenges for 2020.   You will notice for instance, that the Gaborone Challenge is bounded by a circle with radius 50km, Chobe with one of 85 km and Okavango with one of 150 km.

At this stage we are not envisaging any prizes, but incredible bragging rights will go to the various winners. Depending on the response, we may change this decision later. Remember, each Challenge lasts for the whole year, not a day or week or month. Your Smartphone is about to become much more useful than making calls and sending WhatsApp’s!

If you come across any challenge or difficulty in joining or using the BirdLaser app please contact Harold Hester at or Keddy Moleofi at or phone 3190540/1. For further clarifications about the Birdlaser mobile app kindly attend the monthly bird walk on 3rd February 2019, members meet at Molapo Crossing Mall in Gaborone at 6:30 and will depart to Rasesa village for bird watching.