Nqwaa Khobee Xeya Conservation Trust

Welcome to Nqwaa Khobee Xeya Conservation Trust; “Living for Tomorrow”

Nqwaa Khobe Xeya is !Xoo for “Living for Tomorrow”. The trust is a self help project by the !Xoo Bushmen and Bakgalagaladi peoples of the Kgalagardi Desert.

The Kgalagardi (or Kalahari as the colonialists like to spell it) is not actually a desert, despite the myth. The Kgalagardi receives a sprinkling of rain during summer(November-March) but lacks any permanent surface water. Lack of water has forced nature to adapt in a thirstland, and in this remote area of the world you can find a rich diversity of life, from the majestic Kalahari-lion to the smaller, but impressive dung beetle. Read more

About Nqwaa Khobee Xeya TrustNqwaa Khobee Xeya Conservation Trust (NKXCT) is a CBO in Kgalagadi District that represents the populaces of three settlements: Ukhwi, Ngwatle and Ncaang. Ukhwi is the largest settlement, with about 523 people, followed by Ngwatle with 269 people and Ncaang with 228 people. The Nqwaa Khobee Xeya Trust was registered on the 10th of June 1998, and is guided by a Board and detailed constitution. The Board of the Trust consists of 12 annually elected members (four from each settlement), the VDC (Village Development Committee) chairperson from each settlement, and several ex-officio members (local chiefs, councillors, representatives from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks, District Council S&CD and RADP, Land Board, and District Administration). Read more


The Nqwaa Khobee Xeya Conservation Trust offers day and overnight use of the seven unique campsites located on the edge of pans. All the campsites are strategically placed on high ground providing a beautiful view of the pans below. The pans are frequented by various wildlife species, offering a good opportunity to observe them. The campsite amenities include ablution blocks comprising of toilets and showers, fire places and braai stands. Three of the campsite are located close to each of the settlements of which they are named after (i.e. Ncaang, Ngwatle and Ukhwi campsites). Kang campsite is relatively close to Ngwatle settlement and Masetlheng and Phoswane campsites are further away between Ngwatle and Ukhwi settlements. Xhaa campsite is located much further away from settlements and close to the KTP boundary. Water is provided only at Masetlheng campsite which is the largest of the seven campsites. Read more


Cultural Groups 

The KD 1 Wildlife Management Area currently comprises of five cultural entertainment groups across its three settlements of Ukhwi, Ngwatle and Ncaang, as shown in the table below. The groups have an outstanding relationship with the Nqwaa Khobee Xeya Conservation Trust which played a major role in their formation and continues to support them. These cultural groups are intending to, among others, entertain tourists who visit the area, as a way of promoting cultural tourism.

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