Status of Globally and Nationally Threatened Birds in Botswana 2008

BirdLife Botswana has been monitoring various globally and nationally threatened birds since 2001, starting with the Wattled Crane, and now has data on several species. The existing data have been compiled in this report in order to make what is currently known easily available to decision- makers and other interested parties, but also to highlight gaps in our knowledge and chart a way forward. Of course, information on a species’ status and trend is just the first step towards compiling a strategy to conserve it – BirdLife Botswana’s research is of necessity practical and applied, and leads to conservation action. For some species, threats to their
continued survival are relatively well known, and where this is the case, this report highlights the next steps to be taken to address them. It is BirdLife Botswana’s intention to produce a report of this nature on a regular basis, updating the situation as changes occur – for better or for worse.

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