Terms of Use

Chapter Two Terms And Conditions

5. Donations and Membership services

5.1 The BirdLife Botswana has created this donation and membership section of its website so visitors can make online donations and membership payments from anywhere in the world.
5.2 We recommend that before using our donation and membership website you read thoroughly the terms and conditions as well as our privacy policy. Please be informed that our donations and membership platform is processed through a third party, the Virtual Card Services (VCS), an independent online payment gateway.
Continue your donation and membership process only if you fully agree with the established terms. By using our donations and membership platform, you expressly declare that you accept the following conditions:
5.2.1 That user accept the service terms and conditions of the online donation and membership site and,
5.2.2 Interested visitors accept the BirdLife Botswana’s terms of use of technological services.

Through the VCS donations and memberships system, BirdLife Botswana may collect and process information, under strict confidentiality, according to the guidelines outlined in this policy and subject to the relevant laws of Botswana, where BirdLife Botswana is registered and headquartered; and the relevant laws of Botswana where VCS is registered and operates.

5.3 Security

5.3.1 The donation and membership site is a safe place because it has the security protocol (https: //) and ends in "s". The certificate is intended to ensure the identity of a remote computer.

5.4 About the donation form and registered information

5.4.1 BirdLife Botswana collects the following types of personal information: names, e-mail addresses, phone, and reference numbers. BirdLife Botswana will also collect personal information from individuals acting solely in a donor, member or sponsorship capacity.
5.4.2 The information provided allows us to improve the user experience and can bring a more personalized communication to the needs of each donor or member; this means they could receive newsletters from our donations or membership platform for as long as you want. Also, these subscriptions may be canceled at the request of the user at any time.
5.4.3 BirdLife Botswana and/or VCS will manage data and may disclose your information only to comply with legal obligations for protection against fraudulent activities. BirdLife Botswana and/or VCS contacts and works only with safe and legal means to ensure the confidentiality of the data provided.
5.4.4 For information purposes, the donor and member information will be used by BirdLife Botswana and/or VCS only if the donor so wishes and consents to it. Every as user /web site user are responsible for the data provided.
5.4.5 Donor and member Terms of Use:

  • Donors and members must be people 18 or over and must be legally able to make a donation and become a member.
  • Donors and members must own the means of payment used to make the donation.
  • Donations and membership payments must come from legitimate sources.
  • The donor and member authorizes BirdLife Botswana and/or VCS to charge your card the corresponding amount agreed upon in the Donation and membership Forms.
  • Our donations and memberships site can also be visited by underage people but it has been designed for adults, we recommend its use with adult supervision.

5.4.7 How to modify, suspend or cancel the recurrence
To modify the recurrence of your donation and membership payment or suspend / cancel it, please send an email to blb@birdlifebotswana.org.bw or admin@birdlifebotswana.org.bw  , indicating that you want to modify the recurrence. In the course of 24 hours one of our officer will contact you to execute the request. You can also call +267 3190540 and request changes to the recurrence settings. No credit card information will be required.

5.5 Refund and Cancellation Policy

5.5.1 Welcome to this donations and memberships section of the website of BirdLife Botswana. We make public our policy on refund and cancellation of donations and membership received for the cause on payment gateway as under:-
5.5.2 We recognize that the process of refunding money after wrongly completing the online donation or membership service can be an extremely cumbersome, as one may need to be certain that such transaction may not be subject to money laundering and/or other illegal activities.
5.5. 3 This applies to claims that may arise on refunds of BirdLife Botswana merchandise products in the Birdlife Botswana returns and refunds Policies.
5.5.4 No refund/cancellation request for the donated and membership amount by any donor  or member will be entertained for online donations or membership through the online payment gateway after the donation or membership is accepted from our Online Payment Gateway service providers, Virtual Card Services (VCS),unless it is proved beyond reasonable doubt – after thorough investigations that may involve third party law enforcers and which may take a reasonable amount of time to conclude – that such an erroneous transaction was indeed done innocently, without ill-intentions.
5.5.5 The only other condition a refund and/or cancellation can be considered is in the event where a duplicate transaction occurs due to an error in the software itself.
5.5.5 Otherwise, once received the donation or membership pay for a cause will not be refunded to the donor. No cancellation to be made. The donation or membership payment will be used for the social developmental work of BirdLife Botswana.

5.6 Confirmation of transaction:

5.6.1 After the donor and member completes the donation or membership form, the donor or member will be asked to confirm (which essentially means reviewing all the data entered, including particularly the amount entered) before they submit the request.
5.6.2 This is the maximum of the measures that BirdLife Botswana and/or VCS can put in place to ensure that the responsibility for entering correct transaction is placed on the donor or member more than the BirdLife Botswana/VCS.

5.7 Credit Card Details

5.7.1 You agree, understand and confirm that the credit card details provided by you will be correct and accurate and you shall not use the credit card which is not lawfully owned by you,i.e. in a credit card transaction, you must use your own credit card. You further agree and undertake to provide the correct and valid credit card details to BirdLife Botswana and/or VCS.
5.7. 2 Furthermore, the said information will not be utilized and shared by BirdLife Botswana and/or VCS with any of the third parties unless required by law, regulation or court order. BirdLife Botswana will not be liable for any credit card fraud.
5.7.3 The liability for use of a card fraudulently will be on you and the onus to 'prove otherwise' shall be exclusively on you.
5.7.4 Our Policy on Money Laundering, Terrorism and Other Illegal Practices
5.7.5BirdLifeBotswanamust   refuse   to   enter   into   a   relationship   or   has   to  terminate  an existing  relationship established through the online donations or membership services system or otherwise,  if  the  organization  cannot  form  a  reasonable  belief  that  it  trust  the  true  identity of the donor or member and/or the nature of business.
5.7.6 If the user wants to unsubscribe from this platform, to ask for any modification, correction or deletion of all data you have given us, to stop receiving commercial information and contact us for any reason you can email blb@birdlifebotswana.org.bw or admin@birdlifebotswana.org.bw

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