Upcoming Sunday bird walk

Dear BLB member,

After announcing the forthcoming BLB attractions for March in yesterday’s e-mail, it has come to our attention that a Special Government Gazette has been published in which all sports events and recreational activities have been banned in Botswana until the end of the month.  You can now drink as much beer as you like, but you may not socialise.  This restriction also applies to weddings.

As a law-abiding Society, we have decided to postpone our walk and camp by a month.  Our next walk will therefore take place on Easter Sunday, 4th of April and the camp over the weekend of 16 to 18th April, both at the same venues as announced before.  See you all then and there.

All Botswana’s societies have a similar problem.  To try to circumvent this, the Astronomical Society of Botswana has arranged for Geraldine and me to lead a virtual tour on Zoom of the Southern skies in late summer on Thursday night, 25th March at 20:30.  (Geraldine is the astronomer in the family and I am her Public Relations Manager.)    Members of the public are invited to enrol on Zoom and participate.  For the benefit of BLB there will be references to birds and camping in order to better appreciate the wonders of Nature.  The virtual tour will try to advise novices how to find their way around the night sky in easy-to-follow steps.    At the end of the presentation Geraldine will try to answer any difficult questions and I the easy ones.  If there is any interest in this, we will circulate the Zoom address closer to the time.

Keep up your enthusiasm, your eyes peeled and your binoculars and camera close at hand.

Best wishes