Welcome to Nqwaa Khobee Xeya Trust

“Living for Tomorrow”

Nqwaa Khobe Xeya is !Xoo for “Living for Tomorrow”. The trust is a self help project by the !Xoo Bushmen and Bakgalagaladi peoples of the Kgalagardi Desert.

The Kgalagardi (or Kalahari as the colonialists like to spell it) is not actually a desert, despite the myth. The Kgalagardi receives a sprinkling of rain during summer(November-March) but lacks any permanent surface water. Lack of water has forced nature to adapt in a thirstland, and in this remote area of the world you can find a rich diversity of life, from the majestic Kalahari-lion to the smaller, but impressive dung beetle.

The !Xoo (Bushmen or San) who live in the Kgalagardi have one of the oldest culture of mankind. They traditionally lived as hunters and gatherers, coming together in the wet season and dispersing in the dry season. Later the Bakgalagadi, a group of Bantu-speaking people, joined them to raise cattle and rain-fed crops in this semi-desert.

Even this corner of the world is being changed by modernization and the inhabitants of the Kgalagardi have been asked to change to a cash economy within one generation. This has not been easy. The Nqwaa Khobe Xeya Trust is one area’s attempt to adjust. The trust serves the three communities of Ukhwi, Ncaang and Ngwatle in south-West Botswana. Producing and selling crafts allows people to gain access to important resources while promoting a cultural identity of producers and an awareness of !Xoo culture.


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