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from front right to left, police officer, DWNP officers, Hod Liswaani, Hon Councillor and


Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism through BirdLife Botswana secured funding for the drilling and equipping of borehole at Mabuasehube KTP from SADC TCFA FF. BirdLife Botswana is engaged as the implementing partner for this project. The borehole is to be used for wildlife consumption, as there is shortage of water in the park. This is an attempt to reduce human wildlife conflicts in the area surrounding the park, as this will reduce the movement of wildlife to the surrounding villages in search of water.


The borehole will also allow for better utilization of the park by wildlife as they are currently using one side of the park, which has a water point, the new Water point will entice the wildlife to move to the area hence better utilization of the park, as they will be fairly distributed in the park. More boreholes need to be drilled in the park and renovation of Campsites in the park. More support is required for combating Human Wildlife Conflicts and capacitating the local communities in the vicinity of the KTP

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