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At Birdlife Botswana, we're passionate about birding and its potential to bring people closer to nature. With 593 species of birds to discover, there's always something exciting to see in Botswana's varied habitats.  Whether you're a seasoned birder or just starting out, our birding experiences offer something for everyone. 

Botswana is home to a variety of fascinating bird species. From the elegant Kori Bustard to the majestic Marabou Stork, there is something to delight avian enthusiasts of all kinds. Our birding section is a great place to start learning about the incredible diversity of bird life in the country. Check out below for some of the most amazing birds in Botswana - from the rare species to the specialized dry habitat birds.

And if you're interested in getting involved in bird conservation efforts, please submit your unusual sightings to our Records sub-committee - this will help us increase our knowledge of the more unusual species that call Botswana home!

For a full list of Botswana's bird species, please click here


While Botswana does not have any endemics, it does have some special birds that are relatively easy to see compared to other places in Southern Africa.  Here are a few of our Botswana specials and the best locations to find them.  Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a specific species and we would be happy to provide guidance on the best areas to search as well as contacts of guides that could assist you. 


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